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Game Rules

Tri-County Basketball League provides 2A and smaller school teams* with the opportunity of League play, providing gyms and officials for scheduled games and will not be responsible for the individual team organizations or finances. 
*Exceptions with approval in writing before registration


BASKETBALL SIZES: Intermediate (Women’s) will be used for 3rd/4th, 5th/6th all divisions and 7th/8th girls. Men’s regulation will be used for 7th/8th boys. 

GAME TIMES: To fit our games into one hour time slots we must play our games with a running clock.  Games will consist of 20 minute halves.  Time continues to run unless a timeout is called, or the final minute of the first half, and the last two minutes of the second half.

TIME OUTS: Each team is awarded two 1 minute timeouts per half.  Time outs do not carry over if not used.

First overtime will begin with a jump ball and be 2 minutes running time, second overtime will be sudden death, again started with a jump ball.

HOME TEAM: The home team is listed second on our website and schedule.

PRESSING: Pressing is allowed until a team has a 15 point lead.  Defense must pull back into 3 point arch when up by 15 or more points. 3rd/4th grade division - No full court press at any time, half court press is allowed until a team has a 15 point lead. Defense must pull back into 3 point arch when up by 15 or more points.

Lane players can release when free throw is attempted, basketball players in marked lane spaces will be able to move into the lane when the ball is released by the free-throw shooter beginning with the 2014-15 basketball season.

ALL RULES NOT COVERED will follow WIAA Basketball handbook.

SCORE/CLOCK OPERATOR: Tri-County Basketball League will provide a clock operator; they will keep track of game clock, game score and team fouls only. 

Each team must supply a score keeper and the score sheet must include player’s jersey number and/or player’s name.  Team score keepers will sit next to score/clock operator and work together to ensure the correct score and fouls (team and individual).  Turn in score sheets to gym supervisor on completion of the game. Some teams don’t care about the score of their game but please turn in a score sheet! These help complete schedules at the end of our league season. Not turning in a score sheet may result in a forfeit.
RUNAWAY GAMES: If the games are out of hand, both coaches should agree on a running clock to finish the game.  Not good for kids to be blown out!

TECHNICAL FOULS: Any coach or player receiving a technical foul must remove himself from the remainder of the game. We are stressing sportsmanship.

COACHES: Stress to your PARENTS as well as your players the finer points of sportsmanship.  Stay off of the referees, if it becomes a problem you will not be back to coach! Remember this is a building block for the future, not the NBA finals!

*All participants must have current AAU memberships.*AAU membership may not be included in part of the entry fee of this event. *AAU membership must be obtained before the competition begins. Participants are encouraged to visit the AAU website to obtain their membership.

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